Is it Fast Food?

How fast to you get the food after ordering?
Scary fast. It took a little while.
When do you pay for the meal?
Before eating. After eating.
How expensive is it?
Cheaper than a CD. More expensive than a CD.
What's the quality of the food like?
It was okay. Maybe reheated. Tasted fresh and delicious.
What do your drinks come in?
Disposable cups. They kept the cups.
Will someone need to wash your plate?
Nah- it's disposable. Yeah- they wash them.
Does it have a drive-thru?
Some of their branches do. Dine-in only.
How did you order your food?
From a menu on a wall. A paper menu I could hold.
Is there a waitress serving you?
I serve myself. Yeah- she gave me a refill.
Was there a hostess to seat you?
I just sat myself. She showed me to my table.
How did you get your food?
I picked it up at the counter. They brought it to my table.
How did you leave your table?
I threw my trash in the bin. I left my dirty plate behind.